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What is LinkWav

LinkWav distributes airtime services for the Inmarsat satellite network. Our unique pay-as-you-go airtime plan lets you control the dates a terminal is active and only pay for the active period. When not in use, the terminal can be left idle indefinitely at no cost.

LinkWav is a powerful tool that saves money. Our Plan has no contract, rates up to 50% less than Inmarsat Annual plans and FREE text messaging shore to ship.

Offering global coverage with FleetBroadband 150, 250, 500 and Fleet One with data rates up to 432kbps - we have a solution for you.

About LinkWav

Pay-as-you-go Inmarsat airtime service that YOU control.

Service Plan

We make it simple – one plan starting at ZERO $/mo.

Service Plan

Account status, initiate a Date Range and top-ups.

Customer Service

Get the most from your system and solve technical issues.